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189 thoughts on “Natural Choices Chat

  1. Best course I have ever done. Learnt so much and so much of this is not taught. Website was very easy to use

  2. Just finished the first 2 modules! Love the information and the format it is presented in!!

  3. Have just completed module 18 and have thoroughly enjoyed this course. loved how I could do in my own time and have learnt quite a lot of useful info which I shall implement into our lives for myself and my family which we will all benefit from. thanks for the opportunity to do this course, awesome.

  4. thank you. I have just completed the course…it has helped me to be more aware of what I eat and feed my family. So much of what is easily available today on supermarket shelves is so damaging to our general health and well being.
    We are now growing more vegetables and herbs so we can pick them fresh as we need them…it is such a satisfying feeling in many ways.

    Dianne Paukovits

  5. Just joined up tonight, looking to starting module 1, our Health is our Wealth!

  6. I have started the course today and just completed module 4. I have found the course very interesting and am ready to start making changes in my eating patterns to help with living a healthier lifestyle.

  7. Will be a pleasure to take a place in this course. I really do like having a health life, practice sports and I really believe that new experience will just make my life a bit better, and so the ones around me.

  8. Just completed module 16…….2 to go…..really get a lot out of this course!

  9. HI All, what an amazing course this is, thoroughly enjoying it, explains a lot of what has happened to me! I ended up with adrenal fatigue that has taken over 2 years to recover from. I had to totally re evaluate my life & slow down, get out of a job I really had grown to dislike, very stressful, learn to trust my intuition, meditate, exercise – joined a gym, cycle, lower my expectations, stop striving to be perfect & never goof up – as if anyone can do that! LOL We joined the slow movement & I’m very glad we did. Now grow our own vegetables and eat fresh out of the garden almost every meal. Started growing kale for green juices – I think that is an acquired taste – but will persist. Thanks for putting all this info together in an easy to understand format – great job!

  10. Starting this week with module 1….knowledge will make a positive difference! looking forward πŸ˜‰

  11. I have just completed the course , loved it . I have already used a lot of the information to benefit my family and myself. Glad I did it.

  12. Hi everyone I just finished this amazing course and I received my Certificate this morning. I’d like to say Thanks for this Wonderful course it was a Revelation to me. All the best to everyone and enjoy this journey πŸ™‚

  13. Hi all , I too have joined this great journey…hopefully many chats along the way :))

  14. Hi all, looking forward to starting the course this week. Also looking forward to chatting with you all throughout the duration.

  15. Hi all. I’ve just joined and I’m looking forward to gaining more knowledge on living a healthier lifestyle and passing it onto my 2 kids. Like Amber, I’m a bit nervous with navigating around this site as I’ve never done an on line course and it’s been a while since I last studied. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Can’t wait to get started on Module 1, I just hope my son takes longer naps so I can do this!

  16. I have just joined. I am really looking forward to this course and being healthier! I am a bit nervous with navigating on this site but hopefully everything will be good!

  17. G’day to you all, I decided last year to change my health and got a Vitamix, now im starting to learn more and read more about Health n Nutrition, I thought this course would be interesting and educational… I wanna feel 21 again. lol

  18. Hullo everyone , new guy on here just signed up and I am looking forward to adding lots of healthy years to my life besides my 2 year old grandson is a bundle of energy and I will need as much as I can get to keep up with him (and the others when they arrive)

  19. Have just completed the course and it feels amazing, I have learned so much and enjoyed every minute. Now I can go annoy everyone with all my new found knowledge πŸ™‚

  20. Very excited about learning more around Natural Health. Have already turned my life around with natural health & thrive on learning more. Look forward to getting into the content.

  21. wow this course is fantastic! I am learning so much and I hope to use it to help educate the kids at school πŸ™‚

  22. Hello I am the doing this course with my Mum, Ann. Its a nice way for us to do something together as I am based in Australia and she is in the UK. Hello mum!

  23. Having an awesome time discovering all these idea. It all makes a lot of sense!!

  24. I’am so enjoying my course. Just about finish. Hate for it to end as I’m learning alot.

  25. Wow. What a great tool. Just completed Module 5 and feel like I can now start addressing some of my own health concerns that have been overlooked. Very much looking forward to the rest of the course.

  26. Finished, and looking for more. I have gained a lot from this course and hope to prove it very beneficial. I have enjoyed it very much

  27. Hello to all other Natural Choice Members.
    I notice that all the comments are from people just beginning this course. Then they are never heard from again! Well, I have just completed the course and would like to hear from anyone else who has. I have been an Australian Bush Flower Essence Therapist, who prescribes essences as a Consulting Astrologer, from the persons horoscope. This course knits in nicely with all that and I have been very pleased with it. I would love to hear what effect (if any) the course has had and how it has changed things. Looking forward to comments and sharings. HELEN ADAMS

  28. Hi everyone. Just joined and logged on to commence.
    Looking forward to moving ahead with my work from home business in Health and Nutrition… Colin

  29. New mum( well – 8 months old !) looking forward to getting the brain firing again πŸ˜‰ hoping this will ease me into it before hitting uni …

  30. I’m a massage therapist and just want to learn some new information to support me, my family and clients in understanding the choices we make do effect the outcomes we have in our health and wellbeing.
    Looking forward to connecting with some other like minded people on this journey.

  31. I am taking a good look around before starting, but looking forward to the challenge.

  32. I’m 1/2 way through the course now and are getting a lot out of it. It’s very beneficial to my personal health & well being too.

  33. Just completed Module 5, and loving the whole course so far.
    It’s all about the choices we made to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

  34. Just joined and really excited about all the great information just in the first module. It will compliment my coaching business beautifully. Anyone from Canberra?

  35. so far really enjoying the challenge of learning new things and hopefully have a better understanding of how our body ticks.

  36. Just finished module 2. Very interesting so far. Looking forward to the next one. Getting excited about my vegi patch now.

  37. Hi everyone. Have recently joined. Looking forward to getting back my health and fitness. Have no real excuse for letting my health fall by the wayside, but it has. Need some motivation again! Hoping this coarse will get me back on track. Reading all your positive comments has started my journey. Thank you.

  38. Can’t wait, this course I’d a perfect addition to my “I want a new life regime”

  39. Excited about starting this course. Looking forward to learning lots. Cant wait to start.

  40. Hello everyone! Staring today and cant wait to learn all this valuable information that benefits our health and in turn we can help others!!!

  41. Hi everyone! I am really looking forward to starting this course and hopefully chatting with all of you….eventually…lol

  42. Just finished module 2 after joining yesterday. what a lot of information and definitely turned my ideas of weightloss on their head.

  43. only recently joined and up to Module 6 and have learnt so much already. having had illness for past few years I wish I had done this course earlier.

  44. Hi everyone, looking forward to learning my way around this online course and improving my health and well being

  45. Just started today and have completed the first 2 modules..I even got 100% in module 2. very interesting

  46. I’ve done it and learned a lot. I am a PT and I think my lifestyle and food is healthy but I still like to see a Holistic Practitioner to give me some tips. Have to find a good one.
    Good luck to everyone!

  47. So looking forward to starting my new healthy lifestyle, not only for myself but for my family too!

  48. Just feel so blessed to be able to do this course and learn how to improve my lifestyle and wellbeing.

  49. I’m so pumped about starting my nutrition course! I can’t wait to put it into practice and make a positive change to my lifestyle!

  50. Looking forward to starting this course and making more positive healthy changes to my life πŸ˜€

  51. Hi Everyone, im excited at the prospect of learning a new, healthier lifestyle.

  52. Hi everyone, Just starting the course to help me, my family and friends become healthy in all ways ….

  53. Hi everyone – looking forward to broadening my interest in health and nutrition.

  54. Hi everyone, just about to start the course to help myself and my family to understand better choices . Have a great day

  55. Looking forward to starting this course, think I will learn some really useful things to live a healthier life. πŸ™‚

  56. Hi, im about to get started and i’m really looking forward to learning more about healthy choices!!

  57. Hi Everyone . Excited about the course as i’ve always been interested in the health of my family & friends. & now its time for me.Glad to finally be here Yeh!

  58. hi, Looking forward to learning all about nutrition; and I hope I can enhance my patients, family and friend lifes to improve of their wellbeing and health.

  59. hi, just starting the course, thought it might come in handy as I work in aged care

  60. Hello, my name is Amanda & I’ve just started my course yesterday & I’m really excited to learn how to eat better for life! Wish me luck.

  61. The course is very informative .I have learned a lot . I have finished the course now & get my certificate. I am so happy to live a very healthy life .”Why be sick if we can be healthy”

  62. Just finished all modules. Liked the course very much! Thanks natural choices!

  63. I am so looking forward to learning more about nutrition and self improvement πŸ™‚

  64. Really looking forward to starting the course. This is something I have wanted to study for ages. Here goes

  65. Hi everyone im realy excited about starting this course and learning lots of new information to enhance my life and that of my childrens x

  66. Hi everyone, looking forward to finally learning the rights and wrongs of health and nutrition. I hope with what I learn I can introduce into my life and educate family, friends and patients to have a healthier lifestyle.

  67. HI, i Have just started the course and am very excited for better health for myself and my family. I work for a chiropractor that is very much for the healthy lifestyle so to make it apart of my life and understand it better for myself is exciting. Would really love some healthy recipe’s than my young children would enjoy aswell.

  68. Hello, I’m Vikki and have finally decided to make a start on this amazing course. My goal is to be completely finished by the end of this year; fingers crossed.

  69. With so much contradicting information out there, I’m looking forward to learning for myself what is good for me

  70. Hi, Just started, I love the idea of eating healthy, growing my own food and have not been happy with the amount of processed foods we eat for a long time. I hope to learn how to help my body be the healthier, learn to eat well, know why and share this with my family. As a mother I have to do this for my kids . Happy to be here,

  71. Hi everyone, just about to start Module 1 – looking forward to learning more about health & nutrition!

  72. I have just completed this course and have got so much information for the whole family and am motivated to change my eating habits. I didn’t realise how much l crap l was putting into my body.
    Thank you

  73. Hi πŸ™‚ Super keen to learn new things about how to maintain my health – looking forward to doing this course with all of you

  74. HI, just joined and looking forward to gaining more knowledge about health and nutrition.

  75. Hi – I’ve just joined and am looking forward to learning all about something I am interested in and only know a little bit about! Here’s to the future…..hopefully some of it will rub off on my boys! πŸ™‚

  76. Hi Everyone! I took the plunge after sleeping on it and see that I am among some very talented people. I look forwarded to learning lots from this course and others.

  77. At 53 and now redundant after too many years of fulltime work. This course is to help me now see the benefits of information to assist me into a new phase of a healthy and happy lifestyle. Bring it on. Knowledge is power.

  78. As I work through the modules Im looking forward to learning about the importance of implementing healthy food habits for myself and my family every day

  79. Hi, just joined & looking forward to learning some wonderful things about life & health. Have a happy day, Donna x

  80. Dear friends , Hi! I am excited to join this course ,for I want to learn about it and benefit myself and others.Also I want to give a big surprise to my dear ones by being conscious about my diet and health issues which is a major concern these days to them.Soooo friend’s, let’s join hands together n achieve our goal….All the best!!!!!!

  81. Hi Guys,
    I have just signed up and I am looking forward to commencing Module 1

  82. WOW! i am loving this course it is easy to understand, clear and very well set out!

  83. Hi all, i am looking to understand nutrition more and to help my family and I lead healthier lives.

  84. I am wanting to become a lifestyle coach to help others. I am currently enrolled to start Uni next semester studying Bachelor of Health Science and Major in Nutrition.

  85. Hi, As a holistic healer I was guided to this course to round out my knowledge, I have long believed it is not what we eat, but what is in what we eat. The knowledge I expect to gain during this course will give me the knowledge to make educated decisions on my diet.

  86. Hello! I’m very excited to do this course and add to my knowledge in helping others to flourish!

  87. Hi I just joined this course, I have been interested in health and nutrition for awhile now and looking forward to learning much more and how to apply it in my day to day life πŸ˜‰

  88. Hi everyone…
    Sooo looking forward to this course.
    Have attempted the raw food diet in the last 6 months to a degree.
    Anything that benefits my health is a big bonus

  89. Hi, I’ve been into health and fitness for a few years now but want to expand my knowledge. I want to better my health and life further. Along with helping family, friends and possibly making a career out of it.

  90. Hi, I am excited to learn more about nutrition since finding out my 4yr old is anaemic – apparently calcium and iron should not be taken at the same time… You never stop learning!

  91. Its easy to get a wrong information online and yeahhh now I’ve found an authentic source for my curious mind. lets see how I can utilize this in my fitness and MMA career.

  92. currently I have been suffering from food allergies and trying to pin point the cause. Looking forward about maintaining a healthy lifestyle mentally and physically

  93. Hey all im a personal trainer and am excited to learn about nutrition, look forward to chatting with you all πŸ˜€

  94. Wow! I am absolutely
    loving this course! it has taught me so much about the body! can’t wait to learn more!!!

  95. Yay! First module already completed.. So motivated to keep going but know I need to rest too! So I shall be back tomorrow.

  96. Hi
    i’m loving this course so far i just finished the module on water, so now i’ve decided that it is time i drink more water… it is amazing what water does to our bodies
    thanks so much, i am learning so much!

  97. Very interesting course . I have learned a lot “Why be sick if we can be healthy!”

  98. Hi…just joined and getting ready to start the course…really looking forward to it

  99. Just registered. Excited about doing this course to improve my health and lifestyle.

  100. Hello!!!! I have just joined and I am so excited about this course. Always been into healthy eating and exercising but now I can learn it properly!

  101. Just finished the first module with a 100% score in the test πŸ™‚
    Looking forward to going through some more modules this week – already finding it very interesting!

  102. This is the first thing that i have signed up for that is purely for pleasure and something for me! i am looking forward to it, meeting new wonderful people and sharing information! Can’t wait to get started πŸ™‚

  103. Hi just starting and looking forward to re-education for a healthy life style.

  104. Hey, just registered and looking forward to getting started – hopefully an intro into all this and kickstart into a new health and wellness career!

  105. Hi, I am looking forward to complete the course so i can assist my clients and myself into a healthier lifestyle !

  106. Good Morning all I have just joined and I am very excited about what this course can do for my family and also I am a cook at a preschool so how I can improve their health as well.

  107. yumm….just made my first raw dessert – who would have thought choc mousse could be good for you! I have to admit I was skeptical – avocado and raw cocao! so good!

  108. Really enjoying the different idea’s about diet and health. Makes so much more sense to eat this way. I’m feeling better and better everyday! Thanks for the info – has made such a difference to me already!

  109. Hi! Just wanted to let everyone know that I have been making some dietary changes that are recommended in the course. I am starting to feel the benefits already and its only day 5! So excited to see how much better I can feel!

  110. Just finished module 3. I have learnt lots already. I am certainly starting to think about food and my health in a different way! Looking forward to learning more.

  111. Hi Everyone,
    Just joined up, looking forward to learning how I can be healthier and have more energy

  112. Hi! I’ve just joined this and I am really looking forward to the course and learning new things..

  113. Optimal health is a big priority for me. I have started on a new and exciting path of vitality and wellness. I am looking forward to seeing how this course can enrich this journey all the more. Meg

  114. Welcome to our newest Members … don’t forget to let us know your thoughts here

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