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Your online course is structured within the following 18 modules that you can complete at your own pace.Natural_Choices_070

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Here you will gain an understanding of the learning outcomes you can look forward to and the improvements in your health expertise that you will enjoy with each lesson you take.

The information is provided by an Australian Naturopath who possess over 15 years of Clinical experience.

The author has assisted patients with a wide range of conditions from Autism to Cancer with the use of supplements, herbs, homoeopathy, diet and lifestyle changes.

Here, this information is shared with you as a result of her passion to inspire you to look at life differently, to be truly yourself and enjoy life to the full.

Module 1 - Introduction to Natural Health

This module gives you an understanding why our bodies do what they do.

Once we understand this then we can work with it to prevent more serious health issues rather than cure them.


Module 2 - Food choices

 Learn how and why your food choices can change your life.

Why raw foods are so powerful and which foods are the most important to choose.

Module 3 - How to change eating habits

 People sometimes think that they have to cut out all the good things in life to be healthy.

This module will explain that how to go about changing habits, how to  make changes slowly and the importance of balance.close

Module 4 - The importance of water

 You will never think of water in the same way again!

Everyone knows water is essential to our bodies, however  did you know the type of water you drink could make the difference to your long term health. close

Module 5 - Toxicity – what is it?

 Toxicity can come in many sources – our environment, food, water and our own metabolic process.

This module will give you an understanding of how these things impact on our bodies and what to do about it.close

Module 6 - the Digestive system and common complaints

 Learn why the digestive system and Liver are so important, how they impact on your overall health, level of nutrients and your immunity.

This module explains in detail how to eliminate some of the most common symptoms that people experience including wind, bloating, heartburn/reflux and constipation.close

Module 7 - Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Natural_Choices_079Stress may be more of a stress than you are aware.

This is an indepth look at stress/anxiety and depression – what it really is, how it impacts on your body in the short and long term.

How getting control of your mind can also alter your health and what you can do to help yourself.close

Module 8 - How to have more energy

There are many reasons why people lack energy.  This module explains the different patterns seen with low energy and what the best solution for each is.close

module 9 - Food allergies

 What are food allergies?

How do they affect people and How to identify them in yourself and your familyclose

Module 10 - Hormones

 Female hormones can be difficult to understand – just ask any male!

In this module you will learn what is normal and what is not, what causes PMT and menstrual pain and why if it is not corrected NOW it may impact on your life in the years to come.close

Module 11 - All about Weight Loss

 The things everyone should know before they start any weight loss program.

Learn why you could be having trouble losing weight and the best eating plans to make weight loss easier.close

Module 12 - Immunity

 We are meant to be healthy and enjoy life.

If you or your family get sick more often than you should this module will show you How to build your immunity to avoid getting sick.close

Module 13 - Bones

 This module explains the truth about bone health and common problems associated with low and high calcium.

Learn why vitamin D levels may still be low even when you are supplementing with it.close

Module 14 - Aging gracefully

coupleWe are only as old as we feel.

Learn the secrets to keeping your body healthy for longer.close

Module 15 - Heart Health

 Everything you’ll need to know about keeping your heart and cardiovascular system healthy.close

Module 16 - Common Symptoms

 There are many common, sometimes weird symptoms people experience from time to time.

All of these symptoms happen for a reason. This module explains why people can crave sugar or even crave dirt, why people have nightmares, headaches, migraines and suffer insomnia. Why some people dream and some don’t and why growing pains are not normal.close

Module 17 - Common blood tests explained

 Have you ever wondered why your Iron levels might be low or your Ferritin levels could be high?

If so, then this module is you.  You will learn what some of the commonly ignored blood test results are and what they mean and how if treated correctly you  may prevent more serious problems later.close

Module 18 - Health Supplements

 Discover the most common health supplements and the reasons why we should use them.

You will learn how you can benefit by including Vitamins, Minerals and other health products as a part of your daily routine.close


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